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Hoginekal Water Falls


Hogenakkal is a small riverside village in Tamil Nadu with lush vegetation, vast fields of mulberry and fodder of silkworms. The gushing water fall in this village is the most beautiful one in the country that makes it an ideal tourist destination. A serene coracle ride in the river is something that must be experienced once in Hogenakkal.


The meaning of the the place is rather an interesting one, Hogenakkal means ‘smoking rock’. It is an apt name for this town implying to the famous Hogenakkal water fall. The river Kaveri dashes along roaring between the rocky banks that make it look like the rocks are emitting smoke.


Hoginekal is situated  in Tamilnadu karnataka border. We started  at aroung 7.10 Am sunday Morning .You have 3-4 different  routes  to Hoginekal from bangalore. Shortest route is 130 KM .Still we did not went into that  route  .We had  taken diversion from hosur  and there after polachi too hoginekal.


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